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About Jana Taoube


Jana Taoube

Health Coach


I want you to take a moment right now and ask yourself this:

How many times have you fell off track of your schedule today?

How many times have you felt lonely despite being surrounded by people?

How many times did you feel unhealthy and even perhaps ugly?

No matter how you answered any question, it is important to remember this: It is absolutely okay to feel the way you feel. We are human and this is normal. It is at these times that we should look for extra support and that is exactly why I am here for. Together we can work with your mind, body, and soul to create a cohesive system where your daily habits are helping you and not working against you!

Be ready to join a world of safety and openness with a variety of methods and forms of communication including phone calls, video chats, and even in office visits. It is your choice!

My services range from a 12- week program to realign you with your inner self, session by session appointments, and even 2- or 4-week cleanses to restart your body and increase your energy levels. All services will be altered to match YOUR needs.

Please book your first 40 minute in depth consultation today so you can start your journey on becoming the best possible version of yourself!


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