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A Summer full of Smoothies

 Smoothies are great in genral but they can also help us to stay on track and get the most nutrient dense foods in our deit as well. The best thing  we could do to ourselves over this summer is to have smoothy as a brekfast option. 

Breakfast sets the tone for the day and it should never be compromised, and it has to be done in the right way as well. During Summer, as we are taking time off and we are busy in spending time with our family and kids; people most likly tend to not  care about their diet and indulge in huge sugar summer sweet dirnks and make unhealthy dietary choices as well. 

The best way to taclke this issue is to smoothy prep  that is one of the easiest way to stay on track and save the day and get the most nutrient dense foods in our diet. The best way to smoothy prep is to on weekends made  small ziplock bags that are echo friendly for sure and  add  smoothy ingredients into them. 

For smoothy ingredients start adding  antioxidants rich foods such as frozen or freesh berries, or some other fruits such watermelon, mangoes or apples, mixed  greens and some other non starchy veggies such as cucumber, some chia and falx  seeds and add those ingredients into zip lock bags and freeze them along.

Each, morning,  throughout the week  go through each ziplock bag and throw the ziplock bag into nutribullet  with smoothy ingredinets and add a scopp of  protein powder for extra boost of protein and some liquid as a base either unsweetened almond milk or water. 

Then just blend it and have this nutritious goodness to start your day right during the hot summery days.  It will help to boost energy levels  for sure besides providing tremendous amount of nutrients that would have super beneficial effects on our health, but at the same time it keeps us, hydrated and fuller for long and aids in weight loss as well. 


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