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Be Sure to Stay Hydrated!

Percentage of water content in different fruit

During Ramadan hydration is very crucial. 

Since fasting is from sunrise to sunset, Muslims are at a higher risk of developing dehydration. The best way to replenish our fluids is by drinking fluids and being sure to eat fruits with high water content. 

The image attached to this post is a great image that demonstrates which fruits have the highest water content.

Knowing this, people fasting in Ramadan must try to incorporate these hydrating fruits in Suhoor (time before sunrise where Muslims eat) or Iftar (the time after sunset where Muslims eat). You can even try to use these fruits in your salad and even by putting the fruit in yogurt! 

Remember these tips can be used by people fasting and for people not fasting.

Hydration is the key to good health!


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