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Benefits of Having Your Own Fruits & Veggies Garden


Reduction in Carbon Emission

Growing our own food reduces the carbon  emission since you are growing your own fruits and veggies and there are no carbon emission. According to US Environmental Protection Agency, approximately 25% of global carbon emission that  comes from production of foods  that are grown commercially at larger scale.

Having Better Control in What Goes in Plantation

While you grown your own food at your backyard or front yard and  in doing so you will be incharge of  and  would be more aware of what is going  in or being added  in food that is being grown and what goes  into the soil as well. Most importantly,  when there would be  a need to add a fertilizer and what kind of fertilizer. For example, adding a good quality organic one will be best  as compared to synthetic one that is loaded with harmful residue. So, all these factors give better control how you would like to grow your own  produce as compared to commercially grown one.

Homegrown is More Nutritious than Commercially Grown

When food is grown commercially at larger scale in order to avoid spoilage while transporting it for longer distances or in order to make it more shelf stable it has been genetically modified in addition of adding chemical and preservatives that make it look  more fresher and appealing. Henceforth, the food that we get from markets is not necessarily enrich with nutrients and is beneficial for our health. In fact, it is loaded with  preservatives and chemicals and is  very high in pesticide residue.  While,  the the food that is grown  in your own home garden is nutrient dense because it lacks all these harmful ingredient and  it is grown by using organic and natural   resources making it more healthier and safer to consume as well.

Homegrown Definitely Tastes Better

Naturally homegrown food that has been grown by using real organic ingredients from seeds to fertilizer  would taste so much better and fresh. Moreover, more better convenience by just getting the food from backyard and washing and eating  it right away. This also  cuts back  on transportation and waiting time on shelves of the store; and by cutting waiting time it overall  leads to more fresh  consumption of fruits and veggies that you can enjoy all season rounds.

It’s a Good Exercise

Gardening is a great way to burn some calories as well and it is considered as moderate  to intense workout.  According to CDC men or women who participate in gardening has lower body weights as compared to the ones who don’t making them more healthier and more active as well.

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