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During this hard time, it is important to remember that we are all in this together. We must support one another and take the necessary precautions to keep our communities safe. In an effort to provide our patients with quality care without leaving their homes, we have opened up Telehealth. Telehealth is a way to see Dr. Laila Farhat online! There are a few easy steps in order to do this and with all our teamwork, we can make it work!

1st Step: Download the app VIPHealth

(you can find the app store link on our website under the tab VIPHealth)

If you are a new patient or do not have your QR code or 6- digit code registration code (which is what you will need once you have downloaded the app), give us a call or email us at

2nd Step: Make an appointment by either calling us at 718-238-4287 or booking online at our website or you can make the appointment on the VIPHealth app.

3rd Step: Once it is your appointment time, open your app, and get ready for a call from Dr. Laila Farhat.

Remember, if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us by either calling us at 718-238-4287 or email us at!!


It is a stressful situation but with mutual community support and with the help of God, we can cross all these difficulties together.

-Jana HealthCare Team-

Jana HealthCare Management Team Jana HealthCare Management Team At Jana HealthCare, Laila Farhat, MD, is passionate about bringing over 20 years of experience in internal medicine to the community of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. With expertise as an internist and as a weight loss specialist, Dr. Farhat offers care for an array of adult conditions. Whether you are seeking preventive care, looking for a diagnosis, or coping with a chronic illness, the clinic is accepting new patients. Reach out today by calling the New York City office or by using the online booking tool to begin your journey to wellness. Our team is here for you!

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