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Take a deep breath and join us this year!

healthy body + healthy mind= happy life

Warmest welcomings to a new year! 

As February begins remember that this month is Black History Month; although, if you are like me you will think we must celebrate our people every day and stand up in the face of injustice. Make sure you make it a requirement to educate yourself!

I also recognize that this month, people will be overloading on chocolate, wine, and cheap lingerie; so I take a moment to remind you that whether within yourself or to another, love is a two-way street constantly under construction, take it easy.

Starting up this year has not been easy and while I know it is hard to stay motivated and I know it is hard to stay positive let me tell you, it does not last. Really, none of it does. “So, what’s your point, GJ.” My point is, you might as well crack a smile or two because you will not be here for a long one. 

There are many things lining up for humanity, especially as of late. Vaccine? War? Peace? Economic shutdown? Justice? So many things that hold significance and yet are easily ignored when the lights are off and you cannot get out of bed.

Take care of yourself, breathe.

Be sure to take advantage of the resources that you have. Reach out and smile every once and a while. I leave you with this quote I recently read that had me rolling my eyes while silently and begrudgingly agreeing, 

“ You’ve got one life… enjoy it… cause you’ll be pissed in heaven when it’s over.” 

Hopefully, I would make it up if I got to heaven but anyway that is a conversation for another day. 

Here at Jana HealthCare your mental, physical, and spiritual hope is our main concern so be sure to check out our blogs and let us know what your thoughts are as we go into this new year!

With that, I'll catch you next time!

General Jay ツ

General Jay I am here to not only be your virtual guide, but also your virtual friend! Here at Jana HealthCare, we care about all aspects of your health and so it will be one of my main priorities this year to share little tips and tricks on how to care for your wellbeing and in turn, the well-being of those around you. Be sure to be on the lookout for our blog posts... or don't... it's your choice.

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