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Weight Loss Program Variety!

Be YOUR best version!
Let us take a moment to dive into some of the programs that we provide in our office!
With your commitment and our expertise and care, we can help you obtain your weight goal. We will also provide dietary counseling and monitoring via our biweekly or monthly visit as well.
Two-week detox Program 
Our two-week detox program is one of a kind and it guarantees that you will lose anywhere between 8 to 16lbs in two weeks. Our Program is unique and it is not based on bogus claims. Our program offers a variety of healthy foods with meal replacements embedded throughout the program. Our program allows you to eat healthily in order to lose weight by detoxifying your system. It also allows helps rid you of any food addictions that you may have.
Keto Diet
The ketogenic diet is a low carb and high-fat diet that offers a tremendous amount of health benefits. The low carb and high-fat diet allow your body to go on a metabolic state of ketosis and in that state your body burns fat for energy. By doing so, you will be helping your body not only lose fat you will also improve your blood sugar and insulin levels as well. 
Mediterranean Style Diet 
With our Mediterranean Style Diet, we teach our patients how to eat healthily for the rest of their lives. It's not a diet in the traditional sense; in fact, it is a lifestyle modification that is tailored to an individual's needs. With lifestyle modification, you can lose anywhere between 2 to 6lbs in two weeks and the greatest benefit is that you will eat whatever you have been eating according to your culture but in a healthy manner. Moreover, with this kind of diet, you will be skilled enough to not only make healthy dietary choices for yourself but for your family as well.
HCG Diet
HCG diet consists of two main components. The first component is the low-calorie diet ranging around 500 to 800kcals and the second component is the HCG hormone that is administered sublingually or by injections. This diet is highly effective in losing a tremendous amount of weight as well. Our HCG program is more flexible in terms of the number of calories and we can increase or decrease.
Meal Replacement Program
Our office is affiliated with the Center of Medical Weight Loss (CMWL). This is how we provide meal replacements that are very low in calories and high in protein and fiber and low in sugar and fat as well. The meal replacement coupled with a low carb, high in protein, and high fiber diet is very effective for losing weight. The meal replacements are considered to be medical food developed by experts in nutrition and by doctors so it is unlike the same protein bars or shakes that you would get from any supermarket. Oftentimes by doing so, you would not only increase the risk of diabetes and other comorbidities but you would also end up gaining weight. 
Jana HealthCare WeightLossTeam Dr. Farhat offers medical weight loss coaching and counseling to help you lose weight and keep it off. If you’re uncomfortable with your size or just want to live a healthier lifestyle, don’t hesitate to call the clinic or book your weight loss consultation online today.

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